Registration for the
Joshua Tree Double Century and Century
Saturday, March 12, 2022
Members Only
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All communications for this ride will be by e-mail. Each rider
 registration will require an working e-mail address. All e-mails
 regarding this ride will be from Rideregistration@BBCnet.com If you are
 using an e-mail blocking system you must unblock the above
 address to receive our e-mails.

If you have successfully completed the registration process you
will get an e-mail  confirmation within 30 minutes. Your name will appear
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You can also check to make sure your payment has been
 received by finding your name in the registered rider list and checking the paid column.

If you do not see the Thank You Page you have not
completed the application process.

Order Number 8319
AFM Engineering, Inc.
If you have problems registering email cirwin@afmeng.com
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