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Pad Printing Production Pricing
Pad Printing Pricing is broken down into two categories One time charges and Every time charges. The one time charges are incurred on the first order.
 Orders after the first order are quoted as either Minimum orders or Price per part plus options.
One Time Charges Every time Charges
Artwork Cost Cliché Change
Cliché Cost Color Change
Color Match(PMS) Copy Change
Holding Fixture Fixture Change
Special Pad Packaging of part
Pre-treatment or Post treatment of part
Minimum Order
Minimum Order Includes setup and cleanup of machine with one ink color, one cliché, one fixture and up to 4 hours of printing time. Normally minimum order and produce between 500 to 1500 parts. If copy change, color change, cliché change or fixture change are required they will be charges in addition to the minimum charge.
Price per part plus options
Price per part includes Printing, Packaging and Treatment. Part Price also includes one ink color, one cliché, one fixture and one setup.  If additional setups (Ink color change, cliché change, copy change, fixture change)  are required  they will be charges in addition to the per part charge. The Average Price per part is $0.20 to $0.25. Price per part will increase is treatment or labor intense packaging is required.
One Time Charges
Artwork Cost:
If you supply you artwork ready there will be no charge. Artwork must be supplied in Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw or Encapsulated Postscript.  Your files should be to size.  Any changes to files may incur an artwork fee. ($150.00 per/hour.)
Cliché Cost:
Color Match(PMS):
If your project requires a ink color that we do not have it will require a Color Match (PMS).  The Color Match includes enough ink for one inkwell (setup).  After the ink color is approves a kilo of ink must be purchased.  If your project uses the entire kilo of ink AFM will purchase addition ink ad no charge to you.
Color Match$80.00
Kilo of Ink$170.00
Holding Fixture:
A Fixture may be requires to hold the part to be printed on the proper position to be printed. This fixture will support the part being printed in the area to be printed. Fixture price is quotes per part.
Special Pad:
If you part requires a special pad we will quote you the first pad. If additional pads are requires AFM will supply them.
Every Time Charges
Cliché Change:
Remove Inkwell from machine and change the cliché then replace the inkwell. Put Inkwell back in machine. Setup the printing again.
Cliché Change$30.00 each
Color Change:
Remove the inkwell from the machine, removing ink in inkwell and replacing it with another color. Put Inkwell back in machine. Setup printing again.
Color Change$30.00 each
Copy Change:
Move the pad and fixture to another artwork position on the cliché. Setup printing again.
Copy Change$20.00 each
Fixture Change:
Remove fixture on machine and replace it with another.  Includes alignment of fixture to artwork and pad.
Fixture Change$20.00 each
Packaging of part:
Removing parts from incoming packaging and putting them into out going packaging. (Part of per part charge)
Note: AFM Engineering does not supply any packaging.
Pre-treatment or Post treatment of part:
Treatment of part includes chemical pre-treatment, Flam  treating or Corona treating. (Part of per part charge)